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General Survival and Preparedness

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    Hello all. I live in Ecuador and have studied earthquakes and its effects on structures for several decades. I went thru a 7.8 earthquake on April 16 2016 and it lasted 1'20s. It was a terrifying experience. Violent after shocks came a few days later. At 2:45 am we had a 6.3 earthquake and 15 minutes later we had a 6.9 and it was raining lightly. This strong activity lasted for a year I began studying the movement of earthquake in the continent. Within 2 minutes of the big one we had a...


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    to do? I don't know if any of you know if there were similar incidents/situations in American History including Katrina, but if during a SHTF Situation like Katrina where there is no or practically no law enforcement operating near your location, if I had the weapons and anyone tried to invade my home, I would shoot them and immediately shoot them dead if they weren't dead. What else are you suppose to do, wait for them to survive and kill you later? Is this what you would do? What I...

    Killing Culprits Invading Your Home in SHTF Ala Katrina

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  • 06/27/17--14:28: Air Crete Construction
  • When we relocate next year our "bug in" strategy will shift to a "bug out" strategy. While we are moving to a more self sufficient lifestyle, the terrain is not as flat and concealing as we would like. There are, however, some nearby mountainous areas that have a great deal of potential for an off grid bug out and weekend/vacation recreational spot.

    I've been looking into inexpensive construction techniques I can use to create organic structures that can blend into the surrounding area....

    Air Crete Construction

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    In my opinion, it is a total waste of time, energy and money, to buy a composting toilet.

    Okay, so maybe I have been watching too many homesteader / prepper videos, where "composting toilets" was the topic of the day. But, I like simplicity in my life. Having to deal with one of those seems like a complete waste of time. In fact, I saw where one guy was forced to install a proper water run toilet in his home. (I believe it was a fairly recent video on the...

    Composting Toilets: Why do people use them?

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    Maybe I have too much time on my hands, but I got interested in modernist cuisine and sous vide about 2 months ago. I ended up getting an inexpensive sous vide and a nice plastic water bath.

    I've cooked up several dishes so far, but today I did a t-bone steak or 2. Low temp....136 F, long time...2 hours. I seasoned the steak with butter, rosemary and bay leaf, plopped it into the bath and let 'er go. After an hour, I put it into an ice bath, let it cool, then seared it on the gas grill...

    Extremely Low and Slow: Sous Vide

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    Hello. I'm new here and want to be sure that I don't start off on the wrong foot... I'm giving away a free Sputnik Wood Cook Stove ($175) to try to create some word-of-mouth buzz for what I believe is a very important survival/off-grid tool: a very-small-sized wood cook stove (I fabricate these). Id' be happy to make the give-away registration link available to the SM community. May I post the link to the registration here?

    Also, my gut tells me that I probably should not have...

    Sputnik Wood Cook Stove Give-Away

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